Step 3: Build

This stage is the heart of development: actually creating the software for your project. First off, we’ll make sure that your hardware and software will fit the application we’re going to build, to minimize any issues that might arise here during the launch phase. Next, we establish the practices to be used on your project, including documentation format, code review schedule and best coding practices for the project. We do this to guarantee that the development team members are all on the same page for the process and maintain a standard of production across the project development phase. Once we’ve created this foundation, we move on to the meat of this phase: coding.

According to the development schedule, our team creates and tests the software, keeping you apprised of any unexpected events, simultaneously writing out the documentation for the software. As each piece comes together, we test for correct integration and interaction with other pieces, rechecking as the system approaches final complexity and completion. During this time, we will create a user manual from the established documentation, written for the uses appropriate to the manual’s audience (writing different manuals for standard users and administrative users is typical). Our team will communicate with you and each other about the results of tests and provide analysis of problems, informing you when issues are resolved. Once the software has been fully built and functionality is established, we move on to full system testing.

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