Web Development

Strong web applications are essential for modern businesses of all sizes. We’ve been building websites for well over 15 years, so our team has a high degree of skill at producing refined, professional web applications. As well as website design, we’ll help you find a good domain name, a reliable, cost-effective hosting company, and configure the software on that server. We also provide SEO (search engine optimization) services to ensure that potential customers will find your site and choose your business.

We use a combination of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XHTML and other web technologies to build your site, and provide database creation services typically using MySQL or PostgreSQL. This list is by no means exhaustive, and if there is a different technology that you would prefer or we think would best fit your needs, our web application engineers will make sure that your business receives the best possible solutions.

Our web design experts will help you create an appealing layout and custom graphics for your user interface, and make sure that everything “under the hood” is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility. Any web application designed by Suede Software will conform to World Wide Web Consortium standards, and will also be accessible and functioning for all users. To learn more about our development strategies and what we can do for your business, please read about our design/build process.