Software Prototyping

Implementing a prototype before moving on to the development stage of a project is essential for maintaining accurate and deliverable schedules, as well as ensuring functionality and minimizing time-consuming errors and other issues. When we design a prototype, our architects will create a detailed wireframe and a static mockup of the application.

Our wireframes will outline what each part of the application is intended to accomplish, as well as solidify the relationships between subsections of the application. Additionally, basic design elements will be discussed at this stage, including crafting a user interface that is both immersive and highly usable.

We also provide a static mockup of your project, which will help document and identify the major features you want your application to have, as well as allowing us to establish how each piece of the application should fit and interact with the other pieces, preventing time-wasting errors and confusion between your vision and the work of our application engineers. Mockup construction will occur in the early stages of design.

In addition to these two core prototyping services, we will test your application’s functionality and ability to process data, and we will ensure that your project will integrate smoothly and easily with your business’s preexisting systems.

Often it is well worth the investment to build a prototype of your software application prior to building the "real" version.  This gives you a chance to learn how users will interact and what features really matter.  Often this can help you avoid costly overbuilds and can ensure you get it right when you set out to build the full-featured version.