Step 1: Discovery

The first thing we want to do when we begin working on your project is get a feeling for your goals. What are you trying to accomplish with this particular project? At this stage, we identify the major points of the project, establish a budget, map out our basic schedule, discuss what you want to see in the project and the best technologies to use. We also establish a basic project development schedule, which will be refined throughout the discovery phase. Meeting scheduling also occurs at this stage, with regular and end-of-phase meeting times being determined.

Next, we do research to determine how the software should interact with your users, your pre-existing systems, your industry and your hardware capabilities. Once we’ve established this framework, we build a general layout for the project and map out relational diagrams between the higher-level pieces. We will then confer with you to make sure the picture we’ve created is in line with your vision and clear up any questions that you may have before moving on to the design phase.

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