Project Management

Good project management incorporates resource management, scheduling, financing, and organization to reach efficient and successful completion of your project. Suede Software will assist you in achieving this goal by offering project management consultation. We’ll help you determine what your budget should be (including enough padding to guard against unforeseen issues) based on project complexity. Realistic schedules are essential, and we will set achievable yet efficient schedule, prioritizing accurate estimates over claims of speed. You don’t want to rush your software’s development and end up with an inferior product. Meetings are crucial to perfecting your software, so we establish a design schedule with a detailed breakdown of the project, including scheduling meetings to keep you up to date on our progress. Our team will keep you informed and involved, collaborating from the first design meeting right up to launch. In addition, we’ll provide regular updates that can be connected to our detailed schedule so that you know exactly where the project stands and what we’re working on. As for resource management, we assess your project and determine optimal team size. We will then schedule all the active participants such that their productivity can be maximized.  We have a variety of specialized software tools that help us accurately estimate and track any type of project as it progresses so you always know the exact status.