Step 5: Launch

This is the fun step.  Your baby is born!  At the start of the launch phase we discuss the process of launching your application, including all the steps needed to get to a fully functioning live state. We perform final testing on all elements of the system, from security to transactions and any other relevant areas, and we launch the application.

Once it’s launched we will monitor data and overall application performance so that we can identify any errors that may have been misses in testing. If something appears, we will single out the affected area, figure out where the issue lies by examining performance data as compared to design documentation and then pass the problem section back through the necessary process steps to fix the issue.

When software stability is reached, we conduct a thorough analysis of overall project performance, schedule and the progression of development so that we can make adjustments to our own methodology so that we can improve as a business. Any potential enhancements or tweaks to the final project will be discussed in the final meeting, and we will remain available for any support issues or for future enhancements.

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