Database Development

Good database functionality is critical to an application’s performance. Our database experts have been designing top quality database applications and management systems for over 20 years, and have experience in a wide variety of database technologies. Developing a good database is more complex than many people assume, but Suede Software is here to provide expertly crafted database software that’s secure, efficient, and well organized.

Security is an essential part of database design, and we strive to make our databases as protected as possible from security attacks and malicious data. There is no such thing as a completely secure system, but we design our software to implement user permissions and various protections against potential security threats, and will communicate with our clients to ensure comprehension of the database’s security methods and data encryption protocols.  We can deploy database systems that comply with any regulations, including PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA and others.

When designing a database, we carefully document all relational tables, general architecture decisions, and application-database interaction. Our database software is designed for optimal, efficient performance at both the front end and back end, while keeping user interaction with the software both intuitive and effective. In general, we use MySQL, MS SQL Server, or PostgreSQL, but we have experience with a variety of technologies to suit any needs. We’re firm believers in flexibility during the design process and are more than willing to adapt to meet your requirements so that we can deliver a powerful, well-made database to power your system.